Richard Langhorne

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This campaign celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Clash with a storyline that weaved in an out of the game and the real world. In Clash of Clans the Builder is an often underappreciated character, who has to constantly rebuild your baseafter you battle other players. Here's how it went down. 

Case Study 

Launch film

As he left, the Builder took over the Clash of Clans Instagram and posted his travels throughout the month. He was actually removed from the game during this time. 

In the game his building tasks where taken over by other characters who didn't do a great job.

Along the way the Builder stopped in various cities to build things for Clash of Clans players. The builds happened over night to surprise fans as if they came out of nowhere.

There was an Facebook AR lense that let visiting fans see the Builder working on his creations.

Finally after weeks of being out in the real world his friends in the game needed him back.

Thank you, come again.